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Friday, November 18, 2005

Oh how they froth!

As I pulled into work this morning I noticed that a certain Rabid Republican type was pulling in right behind me and I had a feeling that I would hear about it later on as I have a number of bumperstickers on my car.

So as we walked back in to work from our P.O. run this lunchtime Ken and I passed above mentioned RR and she turned to me and said with some rancor slightly disguised with humor, "Your car used to get really good mileage* until you loaded it down with all that lefty bullshit** on the back." And I just smiled sweetly and kept on a walkin'. Really - I have noticed that more than anyone else the RRs of this world love to call you out and make nasty comments about your beliefs. And never more so than when they are backed up against the wall.

It can only make me prouder to drive that car knowing that it is driving people like that crazy. I think it's time to add a couple more stickers.

*it's a Prius
** In the interests of fairness - it turns out I heard "Lefty bullshit" but it was really something more like "leftist bulletin board". I heard that maybe because the tone was saying "bullshit" but it has been independently corroborated that I was wrong.

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