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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Two Crows Mirth, indeed.

Yesterday I took the old lady down to a follow-up appointment with her Neurosurgeon in Boston. On the long journey we passed from rainy weather at home to almost balmy weather as we neared the city. It also began to get quite windy. So we were, oh, just a little south of Concord on Route 2 and chugging along in fairly steady traffic and I see a crow up ahead flipping around strangely in the blustery weather. I could see that this was not just a random flight but that the crow seemed to be chasing something. But it wasn't another bird and it seems to be trying to catch whatever it was in its feet. Then a second crow flips into view and I see this one is doing the same thing and suddenly it has something in its beak and the first crow is now chasing and off they go. I realized at the last second that they were chasing the oak leaves that are being blown off the tall oaks that line the road. And that they were both after the same leaf as it flipped and twisted in the wind.

I wondered of all the people that were traveling along with me at the time - how many noticed that little display of joy?


I'm Boer'd said...

Probably not a single other person noticed. People don't notice anything.

That's a neat story about happy crows. Although the last time I saw a crow with something in it's beak, the "something" turned out to be a baby bird, and the parent birds were chasing after the crow. I saw this one morning on my way to work, and it ruined my entire day. Damn crows!

kstorm said...

Crows gotta eat too you know. I like crows - I think they have good senses of humor.