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Sunday, November 13, 2005


Well - this has been a wasted weekend - although I helped someone yesterday morning with their gaming convention I had a wicked headache the entire time. I was going to take myself out to lunch but decided it would be a waste of time as this headache was just taking over the entire day. So I came home a slept a few hours - got up in the evening and ate something - watched a little TV and knitted a bit. Then was back to sleep around 9.

Got up this morning at 10 with the headache still there. Ate some breakfast - took some pills and went back to bed till noon. I have now managed to take a shower - I feel slightly better - it is not so much pain now as a weird feeling of one side of my head being larger than the other and my eyes - hmm - it's not that they are focusing differently - but there is something going on vision-wise. Thank heavens I don't have this kind of headache too often. It started out Friday as a "normal" sinus headache and morphed into this horror yesterday.

So pretty much the weekend is shot. I couldn't even appreciate the beauty of the day yesterday - the sunlight hurt too much - or the fact that Howard Dean was on Russert this morning and did a bang-up job answering Timmy's stupid assertations.


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