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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Weekend recovery

Ken is home from Worcester - sound like he had a marvelous time. I do wish I could have gone. I like being an aging groupie.

The girls, however, are happy I stayed home and insulated their coop with blue board - or as it officially comes across the invoice, "grayboard". It is of course very very blue. So I assume this is another one of the ways that men have come up with to confuse women who want to buy stuff at the hardware store.

Girls admiring the new insulation
Jaerhons, one Dominique and a couple of mutts

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I have not completely finished the coop winterization - but I won't cover the window over until it is much colder and I am leaving the ceiling of the coop till next weekend as I didn't want Ken to miss out on all the fun. The worst is over though and I have set up a light to extend daylight for them as I am now getting only one egg a day - and I should be getting 5. The new girls should be getting ready to lay too. I can usually tell when they are going to start because their combs will get very red - and they get much talkier.

The new Jaerhon - who lacks a name right now - is very fond of me - probably because she was alone with only me for company for the first month or so of her life. She likes to see what I am doing all the time and I had a hard time keeping her out of the barn while I worked. I was afraid the silly thing would be picking up pieces of styrofoam insulation while I worked so I had to keep chasing her out.

Now that I am cleaned up I really want to go out and have a beer at the Killarney- Ken seems a little worn out - so we might not go. I am going to call him in a bit and hopefully the little nap he's had for the last hour will have perked him up. Tried Sandy earlier to see if she and Bob want to come too - but no answer, I shall try them again too!

Winterization in progress
I am a very messy worker!

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I'm Boer'd said...

Holy Crap! You ARE a messy worker! That totally cracked me up though, to see the barn such a disaster area!